That’s Hope Bruh #002 – How To Have ‘New Beginnings’

Without being glib, with achieving change to society there’s a certain apathy we’re all guilty of. I don’t like to back when I’m right (who does?) but conversely I have been disengaged from action against my community’s flaws. If a law, event or political action affects me directly, I don’t think twice about complaining to my friends or on social media – it’s normal. I find my voice for being a ‘fighter’.

Fight back. If you complain about your surroundings and circumstances it’s imminent that you’re actively working towards a bigger dream and fighting for it, because the prominent powers in society will always remain if you don’t do anything and take action to change society for yourself.

As someone in my 20s, many of my friends are of University age. I love to see youth achievement. I admire my peers, so many of whom are building real lucrative ventures, getting places and accomplishing things. Choosing our paths is important. What we invest time in now is a big important part of who we are and yes – it’s a hard journey. It’s not easy; we copy, attempt and try new things, all whilst falling and getting up along the way.

We do what we can with what we’re blessed with. I had to uncover the potential for my voice to speak the truth confidently. I’ve had my own struggles in life, spending nights in hospitals too depressed and scared to go home because the struggle had become so hard to cope with. I feel encouraged and compelled to write all the time. I’m a Copywriter and Blogger and so I use my writing skills to provide what I need for myself. I’ve always felt like I wanted to be an author or journalist ever since I was young – writing is my passion.


“It’s not easy but if it was easy everyone would do it.” – Eric Thomas

The strong spirited fighter will have a lot of no’s. A lot of people who renounce and disregard us. Job applications. Schools. Loan applications. Cabs. Night clubs. Girls. We get a lot of no’s coming from the hood. Society has intimidated and scarred each and every one of us.

If someone scars you, you fight back. Yes’ are what we deserve. Freedom is what it’s all worth. It’s worth being embarrassed. It’s worth having arguments. To say yes to us.

I’ve got a love for people who I grew up around. My community is what made me who I am today through the experiences I’ve had: the embarrassments, tears and joys. I’ve known for a long time that the hood is a non-negotiable part of my upbringing and identity.

I see things changing with people’s attitude to action and themselves. I’m inspired when I see people from our community seeking to do more and pushing through the stereotypes that hold us back.

I’ve noted some who inspire me. Keep going. Thank you – I hope you keep sharing your successes and have many more. Check them out below:

2014 graduates including my brother, girlfriend and friends (you know who you are). Congratulations.

• You might’ve seen rapper J. Cole promote the message of peace when he visited Ferguson, MO. He spoke with the people protesting, saying that for peace we need to build more of an understanding and love for one another.

• I’m uplifted seeing people like the motivational speaker Les Brown.

• Similarly, my very talented friend Shomarri Diaz just created a video company. What he does is push a message that stirs and motivates and I hope it reaches many more.

•The most real expression of emotion is music, Vivienne ‘VVN’ Isebor is a singer who is just starting to establish herself, but despite the challenge she has a motivated attitude and an exceptional voice. Listening to her I hear the natural depth most singers don’t have when the audience is drawn in. With hard work you get more from your raw talent.

• I’ve had a growing interest in the time when Lauryn Hill was more active musically and spoke truth so admirably.

I highlight these specific examples because it’s important to provide clarity and a context to the violent light in which we’re portrayed.

Consider this a yes for us. I support the voices of influence and those in our own neighbourhoods who speak up, I hope things build from now on and change. A positive image is what we should want to create, regardless of whether the onus is on us or not we have the freedom and need to.

“Fear will imprison, enslave and destroy a Man. Courage will set him free, and Love will give Man the wings to fly.” – Me



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