“This song always reminds me of my baby. Dedicated to Ms Adi. 16/11”

Relationships can be confusing. It might sound like something I can’t really write a whole lot of specific advice about, but I’m so blessed I have an amazing girlfriend who’s there for me. A year ago I was lucky to find that and we’re perfect for each other, I love our connection, she’s on my wave.

I love her drive. She means so much to me I hate when her time and patience is wasted but I know it’s only right like everything in her life: she wants to do something and she doesn’t give up – and that’s amazing. I love when she speaks her strong mind. She’s so intelligent and gets what she wants.

I love her character, she’s someone who’s constantly genuine, honest and real but also sensitive and understands me. She’s sweet and really cares about me. She appreciates the small things.

For me I advocate when they say everyone needs somebody to be there for better or worse and pick you back up. I was struggling with my situation with friends, family, hurt. I’m expressing that hurt. I can’t be the only one to feel this way or fear this but I’m a ‘messed up’ person. Being in love is scary. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice how scared I was, I really care about my image but for her now I’m emotional and humbled.

I care so much about her. The intimate closeness and connection with her is so amazing. I respect her and am so glad that I have her because she makes me so proud. I would do anything to be with her. She always amazes me – it’s such an honour to have her and tell her “I love you”.


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