Mantras #002: Breaking The Cycle


Being yourself is strong.

Please share this.

Daily in all environments it isn’t rare seeing people stuck in the cycle of negativity when they become a follower. When they lose themselves taking negative actions. Deep down the ones struggling, living stuck in fights or confrontation know there’s more to life than choosing the easier ‘wrong’ over the harder ‘right’. Some resort to drugs, some look to make an negative impact through gang violence.

It takes a lot of strength to stand alone, separating yourself for something greater.
It just takes inspiration and will.

When your mum taught you better than that but your ‘older’ tells you to commit a crime. When you like reading and your friend tells you “it ain’t cool” to read your books. You don’t have to be a nerd, just be you.

Being yourself is far from ordinary – being yourself is strong. It’s the difference between allowing influence to break you down and building something worthwhile. It’s the difference between losing who you are in the struggle and doing something.

You’re gonna get hate and people who don’t understand your actions. What helps me is remembering something I think a teacher told me one time:


‘Negative actions will only bring negative results.

Which leads to negative feelings.

Which leads to more negative actions.’

Breaking this cycle of negativity is a must. Fight back.



One comment on “Mantras #002: Breaking The Cycle

  1. And you never know who it is you are influencing that you are unaware of, watching your strength to be yourself, to be an extra-ordinary being that is you. Rock on 🙂

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