Breaking the Cycle – Opportunity

It sounds corny but there really comes a time when you know within your heart reaching for something greater isn’t gonna just happen for you, you’ve gotta take it. Live it. There’s no other option.

I just applied for a job with a Creative Agency – I’m one step closer and fighting for my dream of being a successful Copywriter. It’s not gonna be easy, but I’m an advocate that nothing worthwhile is.

I come from a place of poverty and lack of opportunity. We all know what’s prevalent growing up in the hood. Poverty, drugs, violence. Things people might not talk about like family problems, absent fathers, addicted or ill family members. I know the anger and resentment. With all these things, there’s the perception that people don’t or can’t make it coming from where we come from.

So many youths are on the path to do nothing except stay here. I’m saying despite all I’ve seen I am not going to let that be me.

It’s so important and only takes one person speaking truth to inspire and empower others to do the same. Things need to change.

The struggle will make you feel like you have no opportunity and nothing to lose. You can easily get caught in a negative life you didn’t grow up wanting to do.

4 years ago, there was a period where I dealt with this. Seeing the real struggle to make something of myself, I felt like giving up. Drinking and smoking was temporary and eventually made it worse. I went through a phase of some dark and negative thoughts, didn’t have anyone to go to for advice and I ended up doing something really stupid. 

I have no idea why I did it – I can’t blame influences, rappers like Biggie Smalls or people I looked up to who had expressed suicidal thoughts. Then I was feeling completely lost and didn’t really know what the fuck I was writing. I wrote a message on twitter that I wanted to end my own life. It understandably made people very worried about me. 

At this point, as people got more worried about my actions, it made me pull away more. For 2 weeks I was given antidepressants. Things got out of control, I just wasn’t handling the pressure. After that it would’ve seemed like I was beaten: I wasn’t sure who believed or would believe in me. But that time in my life changed my attitude and perspective, it was hard and scary but I’ve accepted it.

Nobody grows up wanting to go down the wrong path and let their loved ones down. You don’t grow up wanting to lose yourself and become a failure. You don’t grow up wanting to be a gang banger or go to prison or be addicted to drugs. Yet a disproportionate amount of people end up that way. Deep down the ones caught in that life know there’s more to life than that.

If you dream for something, take opportunity as soon as it comes. It’s rare you find yourself in a moment where life and the struggle isn’t causing you hurt and breaking you down. When you do, those places in life are the quiet blessings in which greatness can be given birth to.

I don’t wanna see people fall for the traps I did when they’re avoidable. It’s too hard out here to follow somebody else who doesn’t know where they’re going either.


Coming through trials and suffering can make you lose confidence and self esteem, but it’s possible to come out the other side stronger than you were. People can be affected by this negativity, have the ambition but no confidence in the path to being successful. They can even lose their self esteem from knock backs and trials.

I’m inspired by Nelson Mandela. He had to fight all his life for freedoms he was humanly entitled to. Less than 40 years ago, the conflict of Apartheid destroyed the quality of life for black South Africans, and instead of feeling bad or helpless Mandela fought back. Even when being an activist meant he was locked up for 27 years he still kept hope that Apartheid would be abolished. Now Nelson Mandela is remembered as one of the greatest leaders in the world.

Ask yourself “what can stop us?” Look at what we’ve gotten through. What can’t we do? I write this because people can bounce back from dark times, and you only lose when you succumb to your trials and failures and try to hide, deny or run away from them.

Chase your dreams.

Existence is resistance.

No one is hopeless.

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