That’s Hope Bruh #001: “Blackface”


#ThatsHopeBruh is a play on the street slang ‘that’s dope bruh’, honing in on opinion and culture with grittier more underground niche posts from those that inspire.

I admire resilience in artists and felt this one should be bigger. From Camden, with her career as a performance poet blossoming during University, my friend Salome crafted her poem ‘Blackface’ for her dissertation in early 2014. From the intro I was promised a controversial topic by quotes showing the context: minstrel shows. Her verses confront, educate and condemn the gritty adversity through exposure of a covert self-hatred.

It might be the opinion of some with less willing minds, that poetry like ‘Blackface’ contributes to a culture of black conservative values. They would divert to the claim that this honesty and rawness in art is depressing to them. To them I say: ‘look deeper, and if you think that it makes you feel some kind of emotion you’re right, that’s the point’. Exploring the dark, uncomfortable subjects that leave those who are less willing to think with no choice but to do so, the bravery reached me.

Her delivery is passionate but her dedication and strong vision is clear and evident. See for yourself below in this piece which is reflective of the artist: admirable.



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